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Abstract art for your home office or creative space

Abstract art isn’t for everyone - Many believe there are better forms of art out there. Whether it may be realism, portraiture or even sculpture, everyone has their own unique taste and beliefs when it comes to artistic preference.

However, for many creatives, deep thinkers, and those who love to get lost in colour and shape, abstract paintings can truly elevate and transform a space for the better.

So without further ado, here are my top tips for choosing an abstract painting that you will cherish for years to come!

Choose a Style That Suits Your Personality.

It’s no good choosing a painting that doesn’t align with your personality and core values. It may take some time to decipher exactly what type of abstract painting you’re looking for, but it certainly won’t take that long to identify your personality.

If you’re an outgoing, extroverted, and energetic individual, a painting that lights you up with an explosion of colour and movement is probably going to whet your appetite a little more than a canvas featuring a muted, tonal palette.

In contrast, if you’re into yoga and love mindful moments, a painting that exudes tranquility and calming movements might be the one for you.

That being said, you can’t be put in a box (after all you’re human! I hope...) so you’ve got to go with your instinct. Just keep in mind that your mood may change, and impulsive decisions may leave you feeling disappointed in the long-term. I suggest taking a few days to sit with your decision to ensure it’s the right one for you!

Start with a Theme.

Every artist begins their journey with a theme or concept and choosing a painting should be no different! I’m assuming that you have a room or space in mind as you’re reading this blog, right? If you do, it’s likely that you’ve already made your mark on the space with colours, textures and shapes that speak to you and make you feel good. Take a minute to acknowledge these details and let this guide the theme for your artwork too.

If you’re starting from scratch, it’s always a good idea to have a flick through interior magazines, Pinterest boards and good old Instagram for inspiration!

The key in this stage is to define the ‘mood’ and ‘feel’ that you’re trying to achieve within a space. For example, in an office or yoga studio you may be looking for calming greens, subdued pinks and tranquil blues. In contrast, for your bar or lounge you may be after something more striking and energetic, perhaps featuring neon orange and lots of paint splatters!

The more you think about your vision at this stage, the longer you’ll be in love with your painting.

Create a Mood Board.

The next step is to create a mood board that summarises your theme and showcases your vision. This board will help you visualize how your room will look once it's finished.

Identify what you do and do not like before you begin to gather images of rooms that inspire you, fabric swatches that you love, and other meaningful items or photographs.

This will give you a solid foundation as you begin your search for the perfect painting as you’ll easily be able to identify what you love from what you hate or simply find mediocre.

Work with an abstract artist.

When you work with an abstract artist, you get a helping hand towards your vision.

For my commission clients, I always like to create a mood board that showcases their vision and captures the special memories, places, or objects that they want to come through in the final piece; whether it’s a holiday in St Tropez, dog walks in Portmeirion, the energy of New York City or a client’s favourite flower.

Capturing the essence of their inspiration before picking up a paintbrush is important to me as I always know we’re on the same page before I begin creating the painting.

So there you have it, my top tips for choosing abstract art for your home office or creative space. I hope it helps you find the painting of your dreams!

If you'd like to commission a painting or need a helping hand choosing a piece of abstract art, don't hesitate to get in touch!

For more artistic insights and inspiration, head to my blog homepage!

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