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Abstract Floral Painting Workshop at Wolf & Badger: Unleashing Creativity

Nestled in the heart of Coal Drops Yard in London, Wolf & Badger recently became the backdrop for an abstract floral workshop that I had the privilege of hosting! It wasn't just a workshop; it was a beautiful, immersive experience into the world of abstract floral painting that allowed everyone to explore their creative freedom, with no judgement!

floral arrangement above an abstract floral workshop

A joyful abstract workshop

At the core of this workshop was a celebration of expressive, intuitive painting; a technique that has been integral to my art practice for as long as I can remember. It was about liberating ourselves from the constraints of traditional floral painting and diving headfirst into our imagination.

As we delved in, we explored expressive brushstrokes, letting-go and mindful painting that allowed us to

embrace spontaneity and imperfection. The workshop was a hands-on experience, allowing everyone to create a unique painting that was a true reflection of them. It was truly magical to witness the room transform into a canvas of artistic expression!

Nature as our muse

A diverse palette of flowers and foliage by Edie Rose created a colourful and textured backdrop to take inspiration from. The beauty of abstract floral art lies in its boundless nature. Each creation was a testament to the individual's unique perspective and the freedom to explore the unexplored. No two painting were alike, and that's what made it so special.

Throughout the workshop, we discussed how nature, with its ever-changing seasons, vibrant colours, and wild beauty, served as an endless source of inspiration. It was about capturing the essence of nature's unpredictability in our creations. This workshop was more than just an event; it was also a celebration of the connection between art and nature. My role was not just to teach but to facilitate the journey of self-expression through flowers and paint.

The space at Wolf & Badger was brimming with creative energy and a sense of accomplishment whilst we embraced the joy of painting and nurtured our creative spirits!

I hope to host many more creative workshops so if you'd like to be the first to know, subscribe to my newsletter via the link below and and follow me on Instagram.

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