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Five easy ways to transform your living space

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

It's well known that the New Year is a great time to have a good old clear out and get your home feeling fresh to welcome in new opportunities and positive vibes! If you're stuck in a rut and need a little help refreshing your space this year, look no further... I've complied my top five ways to transform your living space this January:

1. Swap your soft-furnishings around

It's surprising how much of a difference can be made by simply swapping around cushions and throws from one room to another - It can really refresh a space. Imagine your old green sofa transformed by pops of neon pink or your beige sofa with a colourful throw that's been hidden away for years. The possibilities are endless... we just need a little imagination!

2. Paint your walls an unexpected colour

You know that colour you're completely obsessed with but just feel too scared to commit to? Now's the time to banish the fear and paint those walls! Life is far too short to worry about what your friends might think when they come round for a coffee... my motto is, if it brings you joy, then go for it!

3. Up-cycle your tired old furniture

Up-cycling is a fantastic way to make the most of furniture you already own. Whether you decide to sand it down and paint it in a new and refreshed colour, change traditional fixtures for a modern twist or if you're feeling brave, completely change its purpose (hello shelves made from Ercol chairs!)

4. Invest in new artwork that makes your heart sing

They say when you know, you know. And this sentiment couldn't be more true when it comes to art. When a painting speaks to you on a deeper, emotional level, it can feel like magic! And sometimes, simply swapping your cushions around just isn't enough...

5. Houseplants, houseplants, houseplants!

Plants = life! That's why they make you feel so good when surrounded by them. There are so many reasons why having tons of houseplants can have a positive impact on you - from your physical health to your mental wellbeing. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in that monstera now!

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