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Introducing a brand new phase!

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Those of you who have been following my art journey for a while now will know that I like to commit to an art challenge at least once a year! It helps me to get out my comfort zone, challenge my thoughts, techniques and (usually) results in some really unique and exciting paintings!

Two years ago, I started my first challenge which saw me create an A4 abstract painting every single day for 100 days (crazy, I know). This challenge was mostly inspired by my daily lockdown walks along the beautiful British coastline.

A year later, I did another challenge. This time, it saw me create an A3 painting every day for 50 days. Only this time, the paintings were inspired by flowers, plants and foliage and led to the Sense of Wonder collection which launched in August 21! ...this year I'm taking it one step further. After putting the feelers out there on instagram to find out what you guys would like to see from me, I realised you LOVED the idea of paintings inspired by sunsets.

So, this year I am committing to another challenge BUT this time it'll be a little different (the important bit is coming)…

Everyday at sunset, I'll be creating a painting, live on Instagram, for 10 consecutive days!


I'll be announcing the dates for the challenge in an email newsletter very shortly (so make sure you've signed up here) but in the meantime, keep in touch over on Instagram!

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