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Welcome to Jessica Slack Studio... abstract art to fill your home with joy!

Dreamer 1 - Some call it magic.jpg

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Jessica Slack is an abstract artist based in Liverpool. Jessica's work is mostly inspired by colour and nature; her fascination with the power of colour and how it can evoke emotions when least expected leads to bold and vibrant abstract pieces to fill spaces with joy and wonder. 


our top picks

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"Couldn't wait to see the painting and it's amazing!!" 


"Love the finish and the colours look fantastic. Going to look fab when the room is finished. Perfect." 


"It's beautiful! Thank you so much! I can't wait to put it up in my new home."


"Wow! The painting has completely transformed our dining room. It is perfect and exactly what we had in mind. Thank you so much Jess!!"


"It is beautiful I adore it. It's so perfect thank you so much!"



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